welcome to Global College Of Pharmaceutical Technology

(A Unit of National Centre for Development of Technical Education)


1. Smart Class Room: A well spacious, ventilated & well lighted airy smart class room with Audio Visual system. Two seated desks with book-keeping arrangements make the students comfortable for the total learning process.

2. Laboratories: A complete laboratory with all modern equipment’s and instruments are the essence of the hands on training. A huge machine room with manufacturing facilities is the beauty for students actual skill based learning on production of Pharmaceuticals.

3. Library: The College Library known as “INFORMATION CENTRE” is located at the third floor of the College building in a clean and quite atmosphere. The library is fully computerized by the Library Management Software “Easy-lib” to achieve the accuracy and speed up the transactions. The library has a collection of about 2000 books, pharmaceutical journals, encyclopedias, dictionaries, indexes, manuals, periodicals of various pharmaceutical disciplines. It subscribes to more than 100 National and International journals of Pharmacy including e-journals.

4. Wi-Fi-Enabled Campus: In recognition of the need and importance of Internet in the field of education, Global College of Pharmaceutical Technology campus is a fully WIFI-enabled campus. This facility allows students to access uninterrupted internet connectivity anywhere within the campus.

5. Auditorium: An auditorium cum multipurpose Hall with 250 seating capacity is available in the campus. This facility is being used for various functions and meetings as well as indoor games. Campus recruitment activities are also conducted here.

6. Power Backup: The College has a Diesel Generator to provide power supply to the Department and Laboratories in times of power supply failure.

7. Boys Hostel: Boy’s hostel built in more than 1000 sq.ft. For accommodating more than 20 students in hostel and serving pure delicious food. The hostel is being monitored every day for food quality and civic maintenance by hostel monitoring committee.

8. Girls Hostel: The girl’s hostel can accommodate about 50 students. The hostel rooms are well furnished for the comfortable stay. More emphasis is laid on hygiene and cleanliness for healthy living. The mess provides nutritious food to the students and the menu keeps changing according to the tastes of the students. The students are provided with basic amenities like cot, table, chair and a cupboard in their respective rooms. The rooms are spacious and airy.

9. Student Counseling Centre: To ensure that students are safeguarded against attacks, threats and accidents both man-made and natural, the college has mandatorily put in place a broad based “Student Counseling System” for the effective redressed of problems and challenges faced by students.

The college emphasis that the teacher counselors, trained to act as the guardians of students remain close touch with the students allotted to them throughout the year to cater to their intellectual needs and guide them to move up in their career at regular intervals of time.

10. Research: The College is working towards becoming a Centre of excellence in pharmaceutical education and research and will be national leader in the field of pharmaceutical sciences with a vision of strengthening the healthcare of the country.

Human Anatomy & Physiology

SL. PARTICULARS Available Nos. as per Invoice by B S Trading Remarks
1. Hot air sterilizer/aerosol disinfector Humidifier 2 LTR 1 Ok
2. Aseptic cabinet 1 Ok
3. Autoclave 1.portable (SS seamless size 300 x 300 mm) 1 Ok
4. Stethoscope *
6 Ok
5. First aid equipment 2 Ok
6. Contraceptive Device 5 Ok
7. Dissecting (surgical) instruments 5 Ok
8. Balance for weighing small animals 2 Ok
9. Kymograph paper 1 Ok
10. Act photometer 1 Ok
11. Analgesiometer a.Tail flick/Radiant 1 Ok
12. Plastic animal cage a. For mice b. For rat 10 Ok
13. Double unit organ bath with thermostat 1 Ok
14. Charts 4 Ok
15. Human skeleton a. Economy model 2ft to 3ft 1 Ok
16. Refrigerated Centrifuge 1 Ok
17. Digital Centrifuge 1 Ok
18. Student Microscope 13 Ok
19. Senior Medical Microscope 8 Ok
20. Electro Convulsiometer 1 Ok
21. Stimulator 1 Ok
22. Cooks Pole Climbing Apparatus 1 Ok
23. Projection Microscope 1 Projection apparatus not available
24. Stop Watch 3 Ok
25. Micro pipette 1 Ok
26. camera Lucida 15 Ok
27. Plethysmograph (Meter) 1 Ok
28. Stage Micrometer 10 Ok
29. Myographic lever 1 Ok
30. Micrometer Occuleor 10 Ok
31. Anderson pipette 3 Ok
32. Lab Centrifuge with 8 x 15 ml tubes electrically operated, with speed regulator 1 Ok
33. Haemoglobinometer 1 Ok
34. Student’s organ bath ,single unit with thermostat and all accessories 10 Ok
35. Sherrington’s rotating drum 10 Ok
36. Frog board 10 Ok
37. Frontal writing lever 10 Ok
38. Aeration tube 10 Ok
39. Telethermometer(Digital) 1 Ok
40. Histamine chamber 1 Ok
41. Simple lever 10 Ok
42. Sterling heart lever 10 Ok
43. Aerator 8 Ok
44. Histological slides 20 Ok
45. Sphygmomanometer a. Dial type b. mercury type 8 Ok

Pharmaceutical Chemistry & Pharmaceutical Analysis

SL. PARTICULARS Available Nos. as per Invoice by B S Trading Remarks
1. Digital balance 0.5gm to3 kg 1 Ok
2. Refractometer Hand held Refractometer A) Range: 0-32% 2 Ok
3. Polarimeter 1 Ok
4. Photoelectric colorimeter 1 Ok
5. Ph meter ,Digital with electrode 1 Electrode Not Available
6. Heating Mantle 5 Ok
7. Magnetic stirrer 10 Ok
8. Mechanical stirrer 15 Ok
9. Water bath 6 hole(SS) 4 Ok
10. Flame photometer 1 Ok
11. Filtration Assembly 1 Ok
12. Digital Potentiometer 1 Ok
13. Muffel Furnace 1 Ok
14. Retort stand 10 Ok
15. THERMOMETER ( 0-110 )° C 10 Ok
16. Colorimeter 1 Ok
17. Vaccume pump 1 Ok


SL. PARTICULARS Available Nos. as per Invoice by B S Trading Remarks
1. HContinuous Hot Extraction Equipment a)single unit with 500 ml flask (complete with heating) 5 Ok
2. Conical percolator a. SS 5 Ok
3. Tincture press 1 Ok
4. Hand Grinding Mill 1 Ok
5. Disintegrator 1 Ok
6. Ball mill ,1 kg capacity 1 Ok
7. Tablet Coating pan unit with hot air blower laboratory size 1 Ok
8. Polishing pan laboratory size 1 Ok
9. Monsanto’s Hardness tester 1 Ok
10. Pfizer Type Hardeness Tester 1 Ok
11. Tablet Disintegration Test Apparatus IP Single Basket 1 Ok
12. Tablet Dissolution Test Apparatus Complete With water Bath to Hold the Temp AT 37®C.speed is Controlled with speed regulator to Maintain the required RPM single bath 1 Ok
13. Granulating Sieve Set 18 Ok
14. Tablet Counter –Small Size for 100 no 5 Ok
15. Friability Tester* Complete with rotation drum made of acrylic sheet with blade Rotation Period is determined by Timer a) Double drum 1 Ok
16. Collapsible tube –Filling and Sealing equipment 1 Ok
17. Capsule Filling machine Lab size 1 Ok
18. Deionisation unit 1 Ok
19. Ampoule washing machine 1 Ok
20. Ampoule filling and sealing machine hand operated a) Non GMP modal 1 Ok
21. Ointment slab 2 2 slabs not found
22. Ointment spatula 20 Ok
23. Pestle and mortar porcelain a. 4’’ 10 Projection apparatus not available
24. Pestle and mortar glass B. 4’’ 10 Ok
25. Suppository moulds of three sizes 1. 4 mould 2. 6 mould 3. 2 mould 16 Ok
26. Sonicator 1 Ok
27. Turbidity meter 1 Ok
28. Bulk Density Aparatus 2 Ok
29. Double Cone Blender 1 Ok
30. B.O.D Incubator 6c ft. digital 1 Ok
31. INCUBATOR (15*15*18) 1 Ok
32. Agitator 5 Ok
33. Blender 1 Ok
34. Ampoule clarity test equipment 1 Ok
35. Serological water bath 5 Ok
36. Hot plate 5 Ok
37. Hot Air Oven 1 Ok
38. Rota Rod 1 Ok
39. Conductivity meter 1 Ok
40. Tray dryer 1 Ok
41. Digital Fluorometer 1 Ok