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Annual Sports Report

Our 1st annual sports were conducted on 14th and 15th February 2019 in our college ground. It was inaugurated by principal of institution, Dr. Malay Kr. Samanta. Perticipation of students were remarkable and it helped us to conduct the events successfully. The faculty members, Mr. Sourav Saha, Mr. Rohan Pal, Mrs. Pritha Singha Roy, Mr. Mainak Chatterjee and Mr. Sourav Biswas were also present throughout the sports with all non-teaching staffs. All the events have been conducted by our sports coordinator Mr. Rohan Pal.

Table 1: Name of the Winners of respective Events

SL. Name of the Events Winner
1. Volleyball (Boys) 1. Team Somnath
2. Throwing Ball into the Bucket 1. Mrs. Pritha Singha Roy
2. Bela Sarkar
3. Samata Biswas
3. 100 Meter Run (Boys) 1. Debapriya Ghosh
2. Amit Jalal
3. Sajjat Mondal
4. 100 Meter Run (Girls) 1. Megha Mitra
2. Samata Biswas
3. Umme Habiba
5. Football (Boys) 1. Team Rainul
6. Musical Chair (Girls) 1. Megha Mitra
7. Cricket (Boys) 1. Team Golam
8. Hit the Stumps (Girls) 1. Megha Mitra
2. Susmita Mondal
3. Mrs. Pritha Singha Roy
9. Badminton (Girls) 1. Team 5: Bela Sarkar, Samata Biswas
10. Shot Put (Boys) 1. Amit Jalal
2. Rajesh Kr. Das
3. Arnab Adhikary

Prizes will be distributed in a suitable occasion.