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Instructions To Examiners (Valuators)

1. Valuation is a confidential assignment and the Examiner has to maintain strict confidentiality.

2. Valuators should collect answer scripts from Examination Cell and submit checked answer scripts to Examination Cell by putting signature on the script allotting and receiving notebook.

3. The valuator should not correct the marks by scratching and writing. In case of any correction, strike of previous figures by a line and write the new marks aside.

4. No valuator should interfere in the valuation of other valuators.

5. Examiners should ensure that no question is awarded marks more than once, if any question is answered more than once.

6. If any valuator suspects the answer scripts for any reason (i.e. suspected case of malpractice etc.), that should be brought to the notice of the Examination Cell.

7. Avoid erratic valuation such as allotting zero marks where the candidate deserves more marks and / or not valuing some questions.

8. Valuator should have to submit checked answer scripts within 7 days after allotted subject examination, to Examination Cell.

9. All the valuators should follow the above instructions strictly and cooperate for perfect and smooth valuation.