welcome to Global College Of Pharmaceutical Technology

(A Unit of National Centre for Development of Technical Education)

Instruction to Candidates

1. Check the examination date sheet carefully. Make sure you know the correct date, time and locations of your exams.

2. Bring your Student Admit Card and ID Card both during the examination. You will not be allowed to enter the examination hall without these.

3. Do not bring any unauthorized material (e.g. written notes, notes in dictionaries, paper, and sticky tape eraser etc.). Avoid taking Pencil cases and glasses cases to your desks. These will be checked and confiscated.

4. Answer sheets may be given to you 10 minutes prior to start of examination, so that you can check any discrepancy in the answer sheet. Read the instructions written on front sheet of your answer sheet and fill the data carefully. Do not write name, roll no. etc on the other pages of answer sheet except the front page.

5. Students are instructed to cross the blank sheets before handing over the answer sheet to the invigilator.

6. No sheet should be left blank. Any written material after a blank sheet will not be evaluated/ checked.

7. Ensure that you use the washroom before arriving for your exam as you will not be permitted to leave during the first half time.

8. Normally, you are required to answer questions using blue or black ink. Make sure you bring some spare pens with you.

9. You are not allowed to borrow any material especially calculator or log books etc from each other.

10. Arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of examination. As you enter show your Student ID card.

11. You are not allowed to bring your mobile phones to the examination centre.

12. Place your Student ID card on your desk next to your admit card.

13. Listen carefully to instructions. Students are required to comply with the instructions of invigilators at all times.

14. You are not allowed to leave the examination rooms in the first half time.

15. No candidate should be allowed to enter the examination centre 30 mins after the start of examination.

16. Stop writing immediately when the invigilator says it is the end of the examination.

17. Leave the examination hall quickly and quietly. Remember to take all your belongings with you.

18. You must remain silent until after you have exited the building.

19. No supplementary answer book/continuation sheet will be provided.